Drunken Dragon Hash House

Hare Guidelines

The Drunken Dragon Hash House Harriers are fully supportive of new hares (yer on yer own kid, hehe!).  Diversity is
essential to the Hash and all Hashers, young, old, fast or slow, can set a good trail if planning is done in advance.

Being a hare is not a difficult or frightening task, and should be fun, but there are some basic guidelines to follow that
are set out below.  Remember it is not a race.  The art of haring a good run is to bring the whole pack in together.

First-time hares (virgin hares) are encouraged to team up with an experienced hasher to learn the ropes.  The finer
points of trail setting will only come with experience.  So, volunteer frequently, learn from your mistakes (you’re bound
to make some), and don’t pay too much attention to the accusations made in the Circle.  Some friendly Hare abuse in
the Circle is part of the fun!

The Drunken Dragon Hash has no hard-and-fast rules for how to set a trail.  The trails can be pre-set or “live hare”,
whatever floats your boat.

The Run Site and Trail Basics

The basic guideline of the Drunken Dragon Hash is that the trails are set outside the A20 ring road and no more than
a 45 – 60 minute bus trip from Shanghai.  Exceptions may be made for special events or “away” weekends.  There
must be a run and a walk.  The walk may be a separate trail or follow the runners’ trail with a “walker’s shortcut”.

Typically, it takes a minimum of 2 visits, or “reckies” to the run site to put together a decent trail.  The first visit is used
to get the “lay of the land” and determine start and finish points.  The second visit can be used to plan the details of
the trail.  Variations in terrain and a mix of “shiggy” and villages always make for an interesting trail.  And, it’s always
best to avoid busy roads and heavily trafficked areas as much as possible.

Sensible advice:  make summer runs no more than 50 - 60 minutes for the front runners.  Long runs in extreme heat
are pretty much NOT fun for anyone.  If you really feel the need to set a long summer trail, make it in the form of a
“Rambo loop” (see Pig Fucker section below), so the rest of us can have a choice.  During cooler spring, autumn and
winter seasons, long runs are welcomed and encouraged.  But, remember to include shortcuts for walkers and slow

Flour and Chalk

The hares are responsible for bringing the flour and chalk.

Hash Marking using Chalk
Hash Marking using Flour

Use the same markings as above, except ON ON is marked with a blob or streak of flour.

Setting the Trail

When marking the trail, clumps of flour or chalk marks (ON ON) should be dropped frequently enough that there is
no doubt as to where the trail is.  When on open fields, or shiggy, where the trail is not clearly defined, each flour
mark should be clearly visible to the runners from the last mark, thus the marking will give an indication of the
general direction to follow.  Once on a clearly defined trail with no alternatives, the distance between marks can be
increased to every 30-50 meters.

A commonly experienced problem with marking is unclear turn marks.  All turns should be marked with a large sweep
or a direction arrow of flour that leaves no doubt as to which direction the trail leads.  If using chalk the arrow on the
should show the direction to run.
When setting A - A runs (that begin and end at the same place), the hares should make sure that hashers do not
mistake the “in” and the “out” trails.  This is particularly a problem when checks set on the “in” trail are in close
proximity to the “out” trail.  So when planning your run, steer clear of putting an “in” check close to the outgoing trail

General rule of thumb put about 4-6 checks for a 60-minute run, based on the flat terrain in the Shanghai area.

After placing a check, the
ON ON mark should be within 100 meters of the check.  If the hash is a special “in town” run
the distance should be reduced to 50-70m, otherwise the
ON call cannot be heard by “checking” Hashers.

False trails and tricky marking are strongly encouraged to keep the pack together.  After a check, a back check/track
can be laid by beginning the flour marking again within the 100 meters of the check and laying a trail that ends with a
Double D sign (see above) across the trail to indicate the Back Check.

Back Checks should not be more than 300-700 meters in length from the first flour marking after the check.

There are no hard-and-fast rules here. Im’hash’ination (Imagination) is welcome to get hashers back on the correct
trail.  The simplest method is that the pack returns to the check and checks for the trail again.  However putting a mark
on the return trail not visible to the outward runners is also okay, or any ingenious ploy you can think up.  The basic
idea for a check is to screw up the FRB’s (Front Running Bastards) allowing the rest of the pack to catch up.

There is no limit to the number of back checks that can be set.  But, use your discretion, especially if setting a live
run…..you could get caught!

When nearing the end of the trail the hares should clearly mark "ON INN" on the trail, which must be after the last
check.  The “
ON INN” mark should usually be within 800m of the trail end point.

Walking Trail

The Drunken Dragon Hash is a walk and run.  Therefore you will need to set a split trail or two separate trails to
ensure that both walkers and runners come home around the same time.  Best advice is to plan it during your recky.  
The walkers will appreciate it.  Remember to clearly mark the split with an
R for “runners” and a W for “walkers” with
arrows to indicate directions.

Pig Fucker Trail

This is where the FRB’s get burned by the dragon’s breath, and is an extra part of the trail that “running hashers”
ONLY can
choose to run.  Clearly mark the split with an R and PF followed by arrows.  Any one who is not clear about
what a “
PF” is should definitely NOT follow that trail.

Hash Setting Timeline

Following is a general guide for presetting a hash.  At walking pace, 1 hour of trail setting time is equivalent to 20
minutes running.  The walk time, of course, is one-for-one, so monitor the time carefully to get the Walker’s Split right.  
If you have time, it is always helpful to run the trail as part of one of your reckies.  This will pretty much guarantee that
things will work out well.

Dragon Dome (The Circle)

When everyone is “home” and accounted for, suitably watered, changed (togged up in the cold) and got a lovely cold
beer, you will be invited to enter the Dragon Dome (the Circle).  The Founders will run the Circle and will appoint an
Ayi to serve the BEER.  The Ayi will be chosen as a “reward” for some heinous crime performed during the hash, or
just because he/she has attracted attention in some way.  Scantily clad Hashers are definite targets.

The Hash Bash

The Hares are  responsible for choosing a suitable Hash Bash location and need to bear in mind that the budget for
food should be no more than RMB 600 per table of 10 (RMB 60 per Hasher).

The price negotiated should also include bringing in our Hash Beer.  Most restaurants are happy to do this, but one
suggested way for dealing with a difficult manager is to suggest that we buy 5 bottles of their beer per table. Try to
consider the beer quality when making this kind of deal. The beer should have an adequate alcohol content and be
served at an acceptable temperature…
ice cold!

The Drunken Dragon Hash will generally hold the Bash back in Shanghai.  This makes it easier for the Hares to sort
out a restaurant AND allows “run only” Hashers to get back to town for other Saturday night social activities.  Again,
this is NOT a rule, but is a strongly encouraged guideline.